Run 350

For those of you living in Singapore or will be flying to Singapore before the 20th March 2010, in order to spread the word about 350, a massive event has been organized by RUN350 to promote 350. Although all tickets have been sold out, they request people to participate by telling friends and family to promote it.

The details are

About the Run

Date 20 March 2010 , Saturday
Venue Pulau Ubin, Singapore
On the Day
Assembly Point Basketball Court in front of Ubin Volunteer Hub
Assembly Time 3.30pm (10 km participants); 4.30 pm (5 km participants)
Flag-off Time 3.50pm (10 km participants); 4.50 pm (5 km participants)
Boat Timing 2.00pm till 7.30pm

There are many sites which you can visit to keep yourself updated about environmental activities in Singapore.

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