Ecouterre- Your needs to eco-fashion

I came across this eco-fashion website, Ecouterre, and it has some really cool ways to become fashion friendly. The picture for example is jewelry made from discarded rubber bands and paper clips and was made by a NYC architect. It has a wide range of eco-clothes and it not restricted to women but also have a section for men.

I saw a picture of Pop Singer Lady Gaga where she used old cans to curl her hair (i am not sure if curls is the right word, but girls would know better what I am talking about).

2 thoughts on “Ecouterre- Your needs to eco-fashion

  1. Yes….I also came across the site…Its doing a great job. We all should support what the site is projecting. Its high time that we should spread the message of eco-consciousness to the world. Ecouterre is doing a great work. They should present their collection in some fashion week for more exposure.

  2. That is a really great find. If you are looking for ways to be stylish and green at the same time you should check out They are an urban fashion line including organic t-shirts, messenger bags made out of bamboo and recycled billboard vinyl, and more. They believe that we need to take responsibility for our world, which is why they only use water based dyes and sweatshop free cotton. The best part is, all proceeds from sales go to fund projects in underprivileged areas for sustainable infrastructure projects!

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