Earth Hour becomes official in Bangladesh

As I was preparing for the seminar on Energy Savings, I have been talking to WWF Australia to see if I could establish Earth Hour officially. As I was conversing with them, they referred me to a local organization, the Centre for Coastal Environmental Conservation (CCEC) in Khulna. Mr. Mowdudur Rahman, Founder Director of Centre for Coastal Environmental Conservation (CCEC)& IUCN-CEC (Bangladesh) talked to the Mayor of Khulna, and the Mayor has given his full support for establishing Earth Hour. Mr.Rahman is the anchor man for the event. If you wish to participate in this event please let me know. They have also an Earth Hour leaflet in Bangla, which they are distributing. To receive that also please email me.

We only have a few hours left for Earth Hour, just to let you know, it starts at 8:30pm-9:30pm local time. For those of you in Bangladesh, owing to regular power cuts, you are already participating Earth Hour on a daily basis. Anyways for other countries, best of luck with the event.

Centre for Coastal Environmental Conservation(CCEC)
Takdir Mohal,
House # 93 Road # 2 Sonadanga R/A,
Khulna-9000, Bangladesh

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