Local Climate Meetup in April

2010 is the year where we get to work, a plan designed by our favorite climate group 350.org. So to get your organized, 350.org are asking people to organize local Climate Meetup this April from the 22nd to 29th. Globally communities are organizing and planning for the big day. For those of you do not know, book your calendar cause October 10 2010 is the Global Work Party 10/10/10

They also have come up with their own site 1010global.org. Individuals, businesses, organizations, Educations are all involved, the plan to cut everyone’s carbon footprint by 10%. Last year we saw the largest coordinated movement on climate change in human history however even though the output of the Copenhagen was not up to the mark, people still have not given up hope and this year its about getting into the grunt work and bringing results.

Anyways good luck with the Climate Meetup!!

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