10:10:10 Climate Campaign in Bangladesh

Ok, drum-roll or not, I do not know how to begin. 4Matters have been working with TERM Magazine- a concern of Bangladesh Information Gateway Limited(BIG) to roll out the 10:10:10 campaign in Bangladesh. Now we are not working alone and have no intention to work alone.

Our motto is “Realizing the consequences” and our plan is to create an awareness on sustainable living for the adaptation to climate change. Our aim is to reach out to:

• Educational institutions and students
• Businesses and working communities
• Governments
• Concerned dignitaries

We plan to build a movement till the main event October 10,2010 when an information seminar will be organized.

We need all the help we can get and would need volunteers. If you are interested then please sign-up with us.

Our action map on 350.org website

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