Congrats Bangladesh!!

Well, as I was keeping my fingers crossed over the last 3-4 weeks, finally looks like I wont be needing to. I have been in talks with 1010Global Team in signing Bangladesh as an official participant of the 10:10 campaign and finally it has been done. I recently signed an MoU with them and today had a wonderful skype conference call with the 10:10 team.

It was quite delightful honestly. Anyways updates so far


TERM Magazine is now the country hub for 10:10 Bangladesh while I have assigned country coordinator.

We are working on to get a 10:10 Bangladesh website shortly.

Event update:

There is going to be a three day Environment Fair from August 19th-21st 2010, from 10am-8pm. We will be there campaigning about 10:10, while TERM Magazine will be displaying there arrary of solar lamps, a perfect way of cutting CO2 emissions in Bangladesh. We will be signing up people also!! To know more about the fair, please visit

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