GreenMyParents- Parents taught to save the planet

A program launched on Earth Day 2010, GreenMyParents is a concept developed by young people to teach their parents and their peers to help the economy, earn money at home and to save the planet through simple everyday actions. When it started it targeted 100 kids to save $100 and spread through more kids so that through Earth Day 2011, it was intended to save $100 million.

Its actually simple! By following household efficiency and conserving energy it will take you a long way ahead in savings. They have also launched a book to give you tips on how to manage and be efficient. You can grab a copy at Amazon. Anyways to get a starter kit head down to their website.

One thought on “GreenMyParents- Parents taught to save the planet

  1. Great article! I gave it a quick browse and I’m really revved to “GreenMyParents.” I really love the message of the blog: start the green movement in your own home, and by doing that, you can see how effective going all natural is when you see actual results in $$$ saved. Thanks a lot!

    Juan Miguel Ruiz (Going Green)

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