Rio+20- Fingers crossed?

With less than 13 days left for the Rio +20 United Nations Conference on Sustainable development, the question arises will this summit be the turning point or just a get together of world leaders thinking about how to cook their food or just fall asleep into discussions.After all the conferences that lead up to this, it is expected Rio to be the last hope or as the slogan for this conference is “The Future we want.” The conference will focus on two broad issues

– Green economy in the relevance to sustainable development poverty eradication
– Institutional framework for sustainable development.

These two broad issues then have been broken down into 7 critical issues that will need a proper framework  to pave for a sustainable future. The issues are

1- Jobs
2- Energy
3- Cities
4- Food
5- Water
6- Oceans
7- Disasters

Each one of them are interlinked with each other making it harder to maintain some sort of equilibrium. It is said that it would cost $100bn to sustain climate change each year. So that would mean if such a proper framework is to be finalized at Rio(fingers crossed), then this money of $100bn would be spent tackling these 7 critical issues. Looks like we have to wait and see…

To know more visit the site at UN Conference on Sustainable Development..

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