Champion the Climate Change : An inspiring story of BCJP

The other day, while going through a few popular climatic actions that have been practiced by citizens residing in countries aboard and nationwide, I came across a prevailing group that has been taking action on climate change, especially in Bangladesh today. Launched in March 2013, the Bangladesh Climate Justice Project (BCJP) is a volunteer-based initiative of the Australian non-profit organization Journeys for Climate Justice (JCJ), which aims to support and empower climatically-vulnerable communities in the Asia Pacific region through facilitating and supporting state-of-the-art projects that drive climate adaptation. Nonetheless, till date, JCJ has succeeded in supporting and leading projects in Bangladesh, Vietnam and Sri Lanka.

Tallying further, following the launch of BCJP, Pat Kirkby, the volunteer project manager, led a number of free events including a climate justice conference and over 10 climate change and environmental leadership workshops. Likewise, in order to support ongoing initiatives, Patrick worked with resident non-profit organizations, and also managed a team of student volunteers to coordinate an ongoing relief effort for the victims of the disastrous tornado that recently hit Brahmanbaria.

BJCP team celebrating Earth Hour 2013. Photo Courtesy: BYMC
BJCP team celebrating Earth Hour 2013. Photo Courtesy: BJCP Facebook Page

Pat Kirkby, who is also a climate change specialist, also provided free-of-cost consultancy to various youth-based Bangladeshi organizations, including the Bangladesh Youth Movement for Climate (BYMC). Not-to-forget, Patrick has been nurturing youth-led projects that are addressing the impacts of climate in Bangladesh. Patrick and his Dhaka-based volunteer team of environmentalists are also working together to advocate for renewable energy through their ‘Repower Bangladesh’ campaign.

Highlighting the necessity of crucial actions that needs to be taken in order to combat climate change in the country and globally, BCJP aims at providing free training activities on climate change, sustainable development, environmental leadership and sustainable livelihoods, provided for youth, NGOs and grass-root communities, along with empowering a group of local youth climate ambassadors. Journeys for Climate Justice also aim to raise local and international media attention towards climate change and social injustices.JCJ has also focused on supporting the BGreen Project, an initiative of Bangladeshi-American Fadia Hasan. In January 2015, Fadia will be running the second BGreen youth environmental leadership conference in Dhaka.

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