Sustainable living has a new name! Meet ‘Architecture for Humanity’..

Building Under Construction. Photo Courtesy: Architecture for HUmanity
Sustainable design.
Photo Courtesy: Architecture for Humanity

Sophisticated designs have never failed in fascinating me. Specially, when it comes to the innovation of an idea that enhances the lives of millions of people as a whole, even novice designs shall not fail in astounding spectators!

Precisely proclaiming, Architecture for Humanity is a non-profit organization that has been building a better future through the power of design for the past 15 years. This organization also possesses the belief in providing architecture, planning and project management services which includes construction management and post-occupancy analysis. Hence, this facilitates community engagement through each project.

Nonetheless, Architecture for Humanity ensures community involvement in the design process and thus, train and empower architects to support communities. They also advocate for design innovations and practice the application of professional advising in order to develop better architectural manifests. Also, they engage their global network of professionals so that exchange of knowledge can help bring improvements to themselves positively.

Sustainability built building. Photo Courtesy: Architecture for Humanity
Sustainability built building.
Photo Courtesy: Architecture for Humanity

Architecture for Humanity begins their journey every time when a need arises. These can include a community request, an immediate response to a natural disaster, or the mere desire to address an existing global issue. Once the aim is targeted, the process is broken down in a collaborative method. However, the long-term projects always include community involvement, beginning in the design and planning stages and continuing up to completion. This helps them to exercise the fact that vulnerable communities rarely benefit from top-down solutions brought in by outsiders and also, the best solutions are local solutions!

Architecture for Humanity has an interesting line up of success stories built up throughout their journey so far. We, the 4Matters team, are pleased to host a series focusing just on their amazing dedication and effort that is making sustainable living such hype both locally and globally.

Keep an eye for the next follow-up article of Architecture for Humanity that shall introduce the methods that has been in practice by their team to develop skills in order to make sustainable living possible.

Hint: have you ever imagined what major constructional benefits can materials like clay and brick bring?

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