Matir Mela: Sustainability Fair by Jatra-a journey into craft

Matir Mela Photo Courtesy: Jatra- a journey into craft
Matir Mela
Photo Courtesy: Jatra- a journey into craft


Matir Mela, an event hosted by Jatra-a journey into craft will promote a lifestyle that makes smarter and greener choices in reducing our use of Earth’s natural resources and finding alternatives that promise a better world for the future generations to come. Catch the event details below.

According to Saba Homaira Ahmad , curator of the event, “A simplified, mindful living rejects alien, overly processed substances from our environment and into our body as it creates complications in the process while natural ingredients from nature promotes better health and longevity.”

Based on this theme, the Jatra team went on a mission for the last few months to source locally accessible ingredients and demonstrating a variety of ways in using them to live a simpler and cleaner life. This includes how to make shampoo, lotion and even makeup products from household kitchen items such as gram flour, almond,unrefined organic coconut oil ,beeswax etc.

Jatra also designed a handful of innovative products like stainless steel straws,recycled mason jars, foldable shopping bags and more.

“In the end, only three things matter: how much you loved, how gently you lived, and how gracefully you let go of things not meant for you.”

Jatra teamed up with many contributors; “Working for Better Bangladesh”, “Kingba”, “Prokriti”, “Handtouch”, “The Tech School”,”Chitra Organic”,”Shasya Prabartana”,”Proshika”,”Obhoyaronno”,”The Python Project”,”Jogar” on a variety of projects such as rooftop gardening, water filtration, sustainable animal guardianship, sustainable urban development and architecture, rechargeable battery for hybrid car and even a miniature hydroelectric plant.

The festival also includes an exhibit on Sundarban and the current oil spill crisis. The idea is to inspire and motivate people into thinking about the environment.

Jatra Bangladesh is proud to present its first ever three-day festival on sustainable living choices.

 Day 1:

10 AM –  Fair opens

4 PM –  Puppet show about the environment by “Jolputul”

6 PM –  Musical performances by Dharok and Baul Shafi Mondol.

Day 2:

10 AM –  Fair opens

3 PM –  Presentation by “Obhoyaronno” and “Bangladesh Python Project” on the importance of the relationship between humans and animals.

5 PM –  Homemade Cosmetics Workshop.

6 PM – Musical performances by Arnob, Shayan, Shawjeeb and more!

Day 3:

10 AM – Fair opens

3 PM – Presentations by kid engineers from “The Tech School” on sustainable energy.

5 PM – Kanak talks about the project “Trashmaniac”.

6 PM – Musical Performance by Joler Gaan

To follow the event, check the facebook event page here.

Courtesy of Jatra-a journey into craft

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