Matir Mela: Event that brings you closer to the majesties of nature

Matir Mela Photo Courtesy: Jatra- a journey into craft
Matir Mela
Photo Courtesy: Jatra- a journey into craft

Did you know that natural products like gram flour, apple cider vinegar, pure coconut oil hold the ability to replace branded market products like shampoo, soap, gel, lotion and toothpaste for which you regularly rely on large super-shops? What if these natural goods were better for your hair, skin and health than those plastic-bottled, chemically tainted products you waste so much money on every month?

In order to enable the local community acknowledge the benefits that the indigenous products have to offer, Saba Humaira Ahmad joined forces with Anusheh Anadil and the Jatra team to host a three-day sustainability fair from 12 February 2015 to 14 February 2015 titled ‘Matir Mela’ at Jatra to showcase such locally accessible ingredients.

To begin with, the fair was planned to motivate city dwellers to literally pause, and ask what matters the most, and how to have a life that convoluted less damage and surplus products. The fair also endorsed responsible living by demonstrating recipes which can be used to make simple yet essential home products, such as solid lotion, face wash, shampoo, hair oil, mosquito repellent, scrubbers, beeswax candles and much more. Nonetheless, a booklet filled with fun and functional ideas and recipes for a variety of household products, collected and compiled by the event curator, Saba, was also on sale for the visitors. To add more, previously Jatra produced a line of products after using these recipes and sold many of the items. The raw ingredients for making the products at home by using the recipes in the booklet were also available for sale.

On the other hand, Jatra teamed up with several contributors like “Working for Better Bangladesh”, “Kingba”, “Prokriti”, “Proshika”, “Obhoyaronno”, Tech School and “The Python Project” on a variety of the ventures promoted at the fair such as rooftop gardening, water filtration, sustainable animal guardianship, sustainable urban development and architecture, and rechargeable battery for hybrid car.

Moreover, The festival also included an exhibition on the Sundarbans and the current oil spill crisis, aimed at inspiring people into thinking about the environment.

After all, you don’t need to be a tree-hugging hippie to switch to these natural ingredients – they are better for you, cheaper, simpler to use, and also help the planet!

Isn’t it about time we said ‘no’ to plastic-packaged, animal-tested, environmentally harmful products and go back to ancient, natural methods of staying healthy, clean and beautiful?

Why not give these natural ingredients a try and let us know whether you like using them?

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