Introducing Earth Hour 2015 : World’s Largest Grassroots Environmental Movement

On Saturday, March 28, 2015, Bangladesh observed Earth Hour 2015. A rally was hosted which was initiated by World Wide Fund (WWF) to mark the successful completion of the day. To add more, the rally was organized by the Christian Commission for Development in Bangladesh (CCDB) focusing on the necessity of creating and spreading environmental awareness amongst the local communities. The movement commenced at 8.30 AM from Senpara, Mirpur, Dhaka.

EarthHour2015Tracing back in history, the Earth Hour initiative began as an awareness movement in 2007 in Sydney . Originally the idea was explored by WWF, Australia.On March, 2007 Earth Hour was first observed in Sydney which was followed on October in San Francisco. Not-to-forget, this initiative has given rise to a lot of campaigns aiming to spread awareness regarding sustainability issues. Nonetheless, Earth hour hosts events acting as both direct and passive influences on the environmental awareness and sustainability issues. Whether the movement is symbolic or more active, it never fails in spreading awareness and gathering support for the movements.

Further more, in 2013, Earth Hour was observed in more than 150 countries and territories , with people in 7000 cities, towns and municipalities coming together to be a part of one of the largest rallies in history aimed at preserving and protecting our precious planet.

To sum up, Earth Hour’s vital goal has always been to encourage individuals, businesses and governments from all over the world to turn off their lights for an hour in order to demonstrate their support on the need of urgent action to conquer the drastic effects of climate change.

Renowned hotels like The Westin along with Amari-Dhaka were supposedly participants observing the event on March 18,2015 in Dhaka. This year’s shout-out was “Use your power to change climate change” because it’s believed that “Everyone can make a difference”.

Nevertheless, The Earth Hour 2015 Bangladesh movement intends at making people and individuals aware of sustainability issues and a cleaner environment for ourselves as well as everyone else. It concluded with everyone’s hope that with active actions and awareness, someday a change will prevent the earth’s environmental problems and hence, the occurrence of disasters.

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