Inaugurating Recycling Revolution: ‘Green In a Bottle Campaign’ by NSU Earth Club

Inaugural picture with guests and Earth Club members. Photo Courtesy: Razia Sultana
Inaugural picture with guests and Earth Club members.
Photo Courtesy: Razia Sultana

Plastic is a term that we find lying in every nook and cranny of the spaces we live and work in. As much as our eyes have adjusted to the sight of its regular usage in every aspect of our life, the environment finds it difficult to adjust to the incredible pollution the object brings in its littering. When modern life without these plastic materials is unimaginable, the simultaneous helplessness seeks its solution in one term “recycling”.

‘Green In a Bottle Campaign’ (GIBC) is a new and modern initiative that focuses on plastic pollution and its innovative solutions. The brainchild of Earth Club of North South University, the project is a six month long program concentrating on proper waste management of widely used plastic bottles and its consequential recycling to reduce and avoid pollution. 4Matters and Change are proud partners to this project.

The panel of guests. Photo Courtesy: Razia Sultana
The panel of guests while Tamanna Ahmed explains the campaign.
Photo Courtesy: Razia Sultana

The inaugural ceremony of the project took place on the 2nd of August 2015 at SAC723 of North South University (NSU) premises, Bashundhara Residential Area, Dhaka. The program commenced at around 10:30am in the presence of its members and respected guests, Professor Dr. Md. Emdadul Haq, Director, Student Affairs, NSU, Dr. Md. Jakariya, Associate Professor, Department of Environmental Sciences, NSU and Chair to the event, Dr. G. U. Ahsan, Dean, School of Health and Life Sciences, Professor and Chairman, NSU, Miss Nishat Shayala Islam, Lecturer, NSU and Tahmid Huq Easher, Lecturer, NSU.

Tamanna Ahmed, the President of NSU Earth Club, explained the whole program. The project has initiated around a six month plan where the members will actively participate in collecting plastic bottles around the whole campus. “50 bins will be put all around the campus to collect the bottles”, informs an Earth Club member, Anika Tasneem. The collection will be handed over to Change for proper management and recycling. Change is widely known for its activities and programs in the recycling of plastic waste.

The ceremony assumed with an introduction to the Earth Club that initiated in 1996 when, “Its members simply wanted to do something for the environment”, as said by its current President, Tamanna Ahmed. From Environmental Competitions to Eco-trips and Annual Publications among its yearly programs the Club has brought out different events in collaboration with organizations like JICA, KOICA, BRAC Kanon and many more, with GIBC being its new, promising addition. A video presented the making of this program followed by significant speeches from the dignitaries.

“Its members simply wanted to do something for the environment”, said current President, Tamanna Ahmed.

“High knowledge brings good ideas”, as Dr. Ahsan puts it. He discussed the behavioural aspects on waste management and how the adverse effects of improper plastic waste management can bring about deadly diseases. He shared his experiences on various innovative recycling processes he saw around the world and encouraged the participants of the ceremony to bring about ideas of their own through study and research. For human health, Dr. Jakariya emphasized on the proper knowledge gaining on ‘reusing’ and ‘recycling’ in case of plastic and how this object can bring about pollution in land, water, air and every other aspect of environment. “Green means youthful life, we are to remain green”, were the encouraging words for the present members from Professor Dr. Emdadul Haq. The session ended with best wishes from Tahmid Huq and Ms. Shayala. Flowers were presented to the respected guests as a token of appreciation.

The members brought in a few of the first waste bins of the program and the project was officially opened as the guests themselves became some of the first participants in putting a few plastic bottles into their rightful place.

The program initially will be within the university campus but has plans to conduct a similar activity in corporate spaces as well in future. “We are conducting the plan within the university but there is a plan where people outside can also contribute” says Labiba Mustabina, Secretary of Publications, Earth Club. This plan includes an online competition, ‘Green in a Bottle Recycling Week’, that will run from 2 August to 8 August and is open to all. Anyone can submit their ideas with pictures regarding recycling plastic bottles to make innovative products. The one with the best idea (‘Planeteer of the Week’) will be awarded and interviewed for the Annual Publication of NSU.

‘Green In a Bottle Campaign’ is a promising, well organized modern platform that can contribute greatly in solving the problem of plastic pollution.

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