Green In A Bottle Recycling Campaign: The August Progress Story

Plastics are one of the largest environmental wastage with the least solutions referable to its sustainable management. A large amount of non-degradable plastics remain to create environmental pollution with a degradable time of around 500 years, the few which are degradable find themselves adding to the high amount of methane already existent among the prime global warmers of the Earth. In case of Dhaka city, the mismanagement of plastic wastage is more a matter of lack in behavioral practice. This mismanagement has grown into a huge environmental problem, though not undo-able with a bit of innovation, motivation and initiation, the problem could be solved.

Seeking optimisms among the above, Earth Club of North South University (NSU) has initiated a creative and innovative platform, Green in a Bottle Campaign (GIBC), to manage the wastage of-the most commonly and hugely used-plastic bottles. Our previous article discussed the inauguration and brief about the event and the club, while in the present article we give a follow up on the initiative’s progress within the last few weeks from its start. 4Matters remain the media partner and proud co-sponsor of GIBC along with Change on its road to advancement.

Innovation in re-using plastic bottles Photo Courtesy: Earth Club of North South University
Innovation in re-using plastic bottles
Photo Courtesy: Earth Club of North South University

The project is one of the few and rare initiatives taking up the responsibility of proper waste management and recycling of plastic bottles. The project initially will collect plastic bottles from within the NSU campus and will run the program for six months, handing over each month’s collection to Change for proper recycling. So far, the GIBC members have collected around 150 plastic bottles, mostly of water or soft drinks, from the 50 bins placed around the campus. The program has received huge response and support from its sponsors,University authority and the students of NSU and aims to drive to accelerate this success in the days to come.

Being one of a kind event in Bangladesh, NSU Earth Club wanted people to take interest in this initiative. As such, GIBC announced an online competition Green In a Bottle Recycling Week. The competition commenced from the 2nd till the 15th of August 2015, inviting people from all walks of life to present creative ideas to recycle plastic bottles used so regularly. With 20 participants in total, the ideas that competed for bringing out the ‘Planeteer of the Week’ included photo display, water filter, different kind of vases, plastic broom and many more. While the competition has come to an end, the event still awaits its winner to be announced soon in the coming days. Participants can keep a look out regularly on the Facebook page and GIBC Competition Event page of Earth Club to be updated and know the winner.

Photo Courtesy: Earth Club of North South University
Photo Courtesy: Earth Club of North South University

Managing plastic waste is a matter of habit and initiative. Proper treatment of every plastic bottle we use on our campus, at home or office can bring a change in the reduction of carbon footprint. While motivation assists in creating this simple yet significant habit, participation in campaigns like GIBC helps to create that motivation. The program thus hopes to expand itself into organizations and corporate firms, making proper plastic treatment a part of everyone’s habit in their daily life.




Information Courtesy:  Earth Club of North South University

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