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Reducing carbon footprint might enhance our chances of saving more energy for the future. But only reduction cannot make the world survive on its remaining green platform. While reduction can promise a survival to lives on earth, renewal of energy, especially green energy, can give hope of a better and long lasting life on the same.

With Earth losing its greenery at a strong pace, the scenario of Bangladesh is no less staggering. Only 11.1 percent of the country holds its forests. And with a population of 160.4 million, according to 2015 estimates, there is evidently going to be an increased demand for the remaining trees to deforested, resulting in the consequential decrease of environmental balance.

Population pressure is a huge problem for the country at present, especially when it comes to the sector of environment. Increased demand for wood or green resources, pressure on land for cultivation or accommodating the population, urbanization to improve the standards of those innumerable lives are all inevitable. But-in all this-so is deforestation. What we fail to see is, while the existence of more people means more hands to demand basic needs, that same existence can simultaneously mean strength of resources to renew green energy through a simple individual act -planting.

Photo Courtesy: Treeism Foundation

Treeism is an organization with an aim to direct every hand towards this act of renewing life. Starting its journey from the very first day of the year 2015, the organization has chalked out a program that encourages every individual to give back what has been taken from nature and build a renewed social attitude of ‘environmental wisdom’. Treeism aims to instill this wisdom in 20 million school-going children, thousands of youth campuses, among millions of employees and millions more of the urban dwellers of Bangladesh. It has already started its commitment to plant 10 million trees by the year 2025.

The organization was found by Saiful Islam, graduate from Dhaka University. He is presently the Lecturer and Coordinator at Department of Tourism at Victoria University, Bangladesh. Treeism presently has 300 volunteers and has engaged more than 6000 students  for the cause who helped to successfully launch 29 different events within the past ten months and has planted more than 4000 trees. They have also reached about 28 schools. Its famous and widespread project, One Student One Tree where school-going students are provided with tree saplings to be planted by them. The project covered around 15 schools around the country till date and plans to proceed in similar structure with shadow projects involving government and private sector employees and tourists as well.

Photo Courtesy: Treeism Foundation

Treeism is the pioneer in bringing the concept of ‘Voluntourism’ in Bangladesh that aims to create the provisions of responsible tourism in the sector of environmental conservation. The application of this unique concept is already on the go at different tourist destinations of the country. It has also started including urban dwellers in the plantation program through the project ‘Urban Greening’.

Among its supporters remain Karuj CommunicationsGo Tourism ad Red Chilli Communications. Treeism Foundation is the global partner of international environmental organization Earth Day Network and World Bank Group’s climate initiative ‘Connect for Climate’.

Photo Courtesy: Treeism Foundation

Treeism is a promising initiative to heal the gaping wound our ignorance has brought to the environment. It is an initiative that makes every individual a contribution or healer of nature. “Treeism works as a bridge between the people who have the ability to donate a tree, to the people who are willing to host a tree.”


Conversation with Founder Saiful Islam | Treeism | Treeism Facebook Page

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