Earth Club of North South University brings Champions of the Earth 2: The Competitive GREEN Idea Generation Competition

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Champions of Earth (COE), the grandest competitive initiative on environmental issues to have taken place in the history of Bangladesh organized by Earth Club of North South University, is returning for the second time. It is an environmental idea generation competition where students from HSC/A levels and universities can participate. This year, COE is going to be bigger and better, as COE is going international, welcoming students from all over the world.

Last year, COE was a nationwide program, which had gathered a tremendous response from all over the country and the number of participants, crossing over 650 teams and 1800 participants.

The event, just like last time, will have 3 rounds. The first phase will start with an orientation programĀ  where all the rules and guidelines will be explained and highly skilled mentors will guide the participants for the challenge. After the orientation, the participants will be provided with a case study on a specific environmental issue. Each team will consist of three (3) members and will have to come up with innovative ideas to solve the case study. After finding solutions, the team will submit their ideas online for assessment.

The best among them will be chosen for Round 2. This round will involve the judgment of the teams based on the criteria of their problem solving abilities. The teams will be expected to present in front of the judges what they think are crucial environmental problems that need to be addressed and the necessary approaches to solve it.

The selected teams will then move forth to the grand finale, for which they have to prepare a presentation explaining their solutions to the problem they had addressed earlier. The Champions will receive nationwide as well as global recognition with COE being an international platform now. Additionally, the winning teams will be awarded with prize money as well as the opportunity of implementing their ideas through various companies invested in environmental crisis management.

The mission of COE is to make young minds conscious about the various environmental problems that are slowly enveloping the world and thus directing them at finding the simple, innovative solutions for it. What better way to do that than bringing them all out into one platform, battling out their wits for the ultimate prize: a greener world?

Register for the event here and get the chance to become the next Champion of the Earth.

To know more about the event check out the Facebook Event.

To know more about Earth Club of North South University, check out their Facebook Page.

Courtesy of Labiba Mustabina, Secretary Publications, Earth Club of North South University

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