NSU Earth Club Champions of the Earth 2: Road to the Grand Finale

NSu_COE2Photo Courtesy: Earth Club of North South University

The idea of progress has long been harnessed from the sources of nature. With the current degradation of the environmental health, economies come to realize the importance of sustainability as an idea to generate progress.

Earth Club of North South University realizes the gravity of creation of these ideas and thus has acted upon providing Bangladesh with one of the biggest platforms for idea generation in the aid of environment. Champions Of the Earth is a platform initiated by Earth Club of North South University that provides immense encouragement for students to generate their ideas to battle environmental challenges. From its initiation in 2014, the platform has proved to be a sound and equipped, sophisticated competition that aims to explore the multitudes of brainstorming among the young blood in the sector of alarmingly neglected sustainability.

Photo Courtesy: Earth Club of North South Universtiy
Orientation Program at North South University Campus. Photo Courtesy: Earth Club of North South University

In 2015, Champions of the Earth initiated its second successful season with the participation and enthusiasm of 350 teams. The competition is divided into two rounds, starting with Orientation moving on to Presentation of Ideas in the two rounds for selection, Final Mentoring and the Grand Finale. Each team comprises of three members from same universities,colleges and to encourage more students, participation has been made free of any charge. Also this time, they are open to both national and international students with international students applying for Netherlands, Pakistan etc.

The orientation program was held on the 1st of December 2015. The participants were introduced to the competition and given the topics. Sessions were conducted to give them a better idea on what to present and how. Orientation special guests include our very own Editor-in-Chief and Founder of 4Matters, Engr. Muhammad Faheem Faruq, Dr. Gour Gobinda Goswami, Vice Chancellor (in-charge), North South University, Prof. Dr. M. Emdadul Haq, Director, Student Affairs, North South University, Prof. Md. Jakariya, Ph.D, Chairman, Department of Environmental Science and Management, North South University, and Engr. Md. Tahmidul Islam, Programme Officer, WaterAid.

Judges of Round 2 Photo Courtesy: Earth Club of North South University
Judging session of Round 2. Photo Courtesy: Earth Club of North South University

After the orientation, the first round took place on 4th of December 2015 when the first case study was given out at 12:01 am consisting of 10 questions on environmental problems. The teams had to come up with extraordinary ideas to solve the case. As mentioned before 350 teams submitted their ideas and from them it came down to 30 teams in round two.

In round two taking place on the 17th of December 2015, the selected teams from round one presented their ideas to the panel of judges, portraying the current problems and solutions. Teams were judged on the basis of identifying a problem, finding a sustainable solution that is feasible and can be implemented in Bangladesh. The top seven teams that qualified to the next round were announced and notified by email about their next task.

The final seven teams are: ‘Youth’s Voice’, ‘Team Dexter’, ‘Green Matter’, ‘Pluto Is Lost’, ‘Cereal Killers’, ‘Green Peas’ and ‘Team KD’. The finalists were given the facility of a mentoring workshop on the 15th January 2016 to polish their ideas and presentations for the finale.

Mentoring for the finalists. Photo Courtesy: Earth Club of North South University
Mentoring for the finalists. Photo Courtesy: Earth Club of North South University

On the long awaited and endeavored Grand Finale, the selected top 7 teams will present their entire idea including the reason, necessity and solution to the selected problem.Teams will be judged based on how they capture and portray the problem and the solution within a given span of time and how economical, sustainable and reliable the provided solution is.

Last season, the champion was ‘G4U’ from North South University who won a prize money of 150,000 BDT. Runner-ups were ‘El Nino’ from St. Peter’s School of London and ‘The Cranks’ from Ahsanullah University of Science and Technology.

This season, the Grand Finale will take place with all its might at the Plaza Area of North South University on Friday, 29th of January 2016 when the battle for the best idea among the best will occur. The program powered by WaterAid and partnered by Wowbox, Channel i, Radio Shadhin 92.4 FM and bdenvironment.com.

Hope this grand event brings out one the best ideas that can sustain the future of environment and its species.


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