Eco-Friendly Cars in Bangladesh: Accelerating Abhijatriks!

Economy now stands to realize that acceleration without sustainability only depicts pacing into a disastrous future. In a smaller scale, in our regular lives have we ever thought how much of the disaster we are bringing in when we hit the accelerators each time in our own cars? Have we ever thought how we may pace up our journey sustainably?

Photo Courtesy: Team
Photo Courtesy: Team Abhijatrick

A group of extremely talented young minds from Ahsanullah University of Science and Technology has not only thought about it but has the practical application hitting the tracks of Manila! Team Abhijatrik presented BD-71 as the first Eco-car from Bangladesh to participate in the Shell Eco-Car Marathon (SEM) in Manila, Philippines. Every year, Shell hosts a racing competition encouraging students from engineering universities and with enthusiasm to present ideas focusing on eco-friendly urban transportation. The team created BD-52 as their first project and through intense research on the internet, found their platform to launch one of the first attempts of Bangladesh on Eco-car racing.

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Photo Courtesy: Team Abhijatrik


In an online interview with Abhijatrik the team describes the making of BD-71, “BD-71 was first drawn by hand and then that sketch was used to create a 3d model. After finishing the computer aided design (CAD) materials were bought to fabricate the chassis. Different types of wheel attachments were designed first and then attached to the chassis. Several simulations were performed on various types of frame to ensure the driver safety with keeping impact resistance in mind. Several safety measures were taken so that the propulsion compartment doesn’t catch on fire.”

Team Abhijatrik consists of Faculty Members Dr Dewan Hasan Ahmed and Jubayer Hossain from the department of Mechanical & Production Engineering of the varsity as Advisor and Moderator respectively. Team Members include K.M. Hasan Imam Shuvo, Asif Zahidul Haq, Minhazul Abedin Abir, MD. Tawhidur Rahman, Abdullah Mumin Chowdhury Rayhan and Tamal Paul Shaon, enthusiastic students of the same department at AUST.

Photo Courtesy: Team
Photo Courtesy: Team Abhijatrik

After achieving an unexpected and extraordinary mileage of 47 km/l  and gaining an “eye opening and life changing” experience at Manila, the team is now working for participating in the next ‘Marathon’, SEM 2016, with their new project ‘Nemesis’.

“The next car ‘Nemesis’ will be much more lighter and safer as well.”, says team member Asif.

Several designs of the car were considered and tested in wind tunnel to find out the most aerodynamic shape yet simple to fabricate. A new propulsion system will be added  to the car to make it more efficient at low speeds. The engine will be modified so that high efficiency is obtained at Low RPM. There is an ongoing plan to modify the exhaust to minimize the production of NOx and particulate matters.

“This new car will be much more fuel efficient than before, lighter , safer, comfortable and most important of all , can be made at a lower cost.”, says the Team!

Team Abhijatrik has utilized the Eco-Marathon Platform to gain immense experience and focus their talents into endeavors for sustainable future. The 4Matters team remains in support of their proud endeavors!

With the country’s support their dreams can certainly gain the intended sustainable future.



Online Interview with Team Abhijatrik

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