National UnderWater Cleanup 2016 by SaveOurSea: Fighting Marine Debris

National Underwater Cleanup Photo Courtesy: SaveOurSeas
Photo Courtesy: SaveOurSeas


Vast amount of marine debris are being found in the Bay of Bengal. These are non-disposable,
posing a grave threat to our marine life, ecosystem, marine economy, and human health, according
to a ‘Dive Against Debris’ survey and underwater cleanup under Save Our Sea’s Fighting Marine
Debris program.
Fighting Marine Debris is a year-round marine litter removal and data collection program. It is a
citizen conservation program developed for scuba divers, conservationists, experts, volunteers and
other creative people to round-up trash from the bottom of the Bay of Bengal; it’s an initiative to
reduce marine debris through gathering critical data, formulating data driven policy decision, and
creating awareness. As part of this program every year in cooperation with IUCN Bangladesh, and
MFF Bangladesh, we organize National Underwater Cleanup in Saint Martin’s Island.


Fighting Marine Debris
Photo Courtesy: Save Our Sea

This February, the National Underwater Cleanup 2016 will be held from 25/02/2016 to 27/02/2016. An inaugural ceremony will be held on 26th February 2016 at 12 PM in front of the Coast Guard base.Registration is open till 15th February for scuba divers and volunteers. To register for the cleanup,  interested participants are requested to send an email . The registration is free this year.

The volunteers will be mobilized to take part in the process of fighting for a debris free sea. They will get basic lesson for Marine Conservation and a certificate on behalf of SOS and Project Aware. Registered participants are required to arrive at Saint Martin’s Island on 25th February 2016 and report to
Clean-up Program venue (in front of the Coast Guard Base) within 1 PM.


Dive Against Debris Photo Courtesy: Save Our Sea
Dive Against Debris
Photo Courtesy: Save Our Sea

What you will do at the Clean-up will depend on your skills and interest. If you are a diver you’ll dive into the blue, conduct transect for debris survey, and bring up trashes. If you are a volunteer, you will
help the divers in clean-up dive, engage communities in the clean-up, and run awareness campaign among the tourists and local people.
About the cleanup effort and the scenario of marine debris in the Bay of Bengal, Save Our Sea’s founder and CEO Mohammad Arju said, “the state of marine debris in the Bay poses a wide range of
threats to fisheries, tourism and recreation, and the value these add to our local economies also complicates shipping and transportation by causing navigation hazards.”



Mr. Mohammad Arju said, “we should concentrate on building national capacity for research,
monitoring, and reduction of marine debris, as ‘significantly reducing land-based marine debris and
nutrient pollution’ are also a target to be achieved by 2025 under newly adopted UN Sustainable
Development Goals.”


He noted that, a brief excerpt of the previous survey report shows that among the debris, plastic materials constitute 54.26 per cent and glass and ceramic, metal, rubber, wood, cloth, paper/cardboard and mixed materials 45.74 percent. Among the plastic materials, most abundant objects were poly-pack of consumer products like biscuits, potato chips, chanachur, food wrappings, and water bottles. Among the other materials, most abundant items were beverage cans, shoes, tableware and dishes.

About Save Our Sea
Save Our Sea’s mission is to explore, document and conserve the marine ecosystems and biodiversity of the Bay of Bengal and coastal zone of Bangladesh. Our objective is to carry out and promote Marine Science Research, Ecosystem Based Management and Community Led Marine Conservation. SOS operates as an initiative of Not-for-Profit organization ‘Organization for Social Orientation’ registered in 2008 under Society Act. it is run by Environmental and Social Analysts, Trans-boundary River Experts, Marine Biologists and Conservationists SOS is committed in building a blue economy for Bangladesh.


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Courtesy of Save our Sea

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