‘Earthen’ing Conscience : About a knowledgeable Initiative

Photo Courtesy: Earthen
Photo Courtesy: Earthen

From hubs to discussions, discussions to projects and from projects comes the policies that drive the national and international treaties. Initiation of such hubs within varsities is opportune systems that create potentials for such tasks. With the end of COP21, understanding of the environmental issues, research and debates over them to produce negotiable international solutions is a hot topic. It is high time we take into view our capabilities to have that understanding and are successful in creating platforms that create future and present potentials to do so.

Earthen is an initiative holding their programs with the aim to foster environmental intellect within the citizens. The platform is stationed at the Institute of Forestry and Environmental Sciences of Chittagong University, the initiative was first started by the 33rd batch of the students of Environmental Sciences at the department.

Earthen has observed and analyzed the ways of approaching people with the idea of sustainability. Their ‘Fields of Action’ remain ‘Human Dimension’, ‘Creating Common Platform’, ‘Green Research’ and ‘Law Enforcement’.

Photo Courtesy: Earthen
Photo Courtesy: Earthen

In ‘Human Dimension’ the work is confined to parting environmental knowledge to general people, students and even professional advices to industries or development projects. The ‘Common Platform’, on the other hand, is more about expanding that knowledge by creating a candid floor for discussion and thought-exchange.

Green Research’ is the sector that consists of some self motivated and enthusiastic members who are getting ready to draw research on solid waste management, air and water quality monitoring as well as industrial waste management. ‘Law Enforcement’ as per its name, is the sector to handle national and international legal matters and gain expertise.

Among its regular programs remain commemorating different international and national environmental days through poster making, wallpaper, presentation, seminar etc. Last year it arranged an Olympiad named, Earthen Nature Olympiad, to increase the knowledge and interest in environmental issues.


A youth leadership training program was arranged as well, in joint venture with Chittagong University Model United Nations. This training program was basically to arouse the ability of diplomacy and negotiation-something that is badly needed for our country to present herself stronger in claiming her right in global climate change issues.


Creating the right mindset to approach environment in our behaviors and our thoughts is exceptionally important in making a sustainable future. The consequences of drastic measures and callousness in the past are something we now get to feel in the unusual warmth of the winters or the horrendous after-effects of natural disasters. This callousness was either because of unawareness or the absence of proper initiative that could raise conscience among people to be more respectful towards their nature. The economy that remained the reason for this ignorance is now the most sufferer of the consequences and shall always be. Creating awareness is thus exceptionally important.

Though Earthen seems to be a small initiative but it’s attempt on focusing on the core of all problem-conscience. Imparting environmental knowledge on topics as simple as managing household waste might not seem so hard, but that knowledge is what creates habits and these habits stay along no matter I one becomes a housewife or an industrialist. Conscience and knowledge of environment are truly necessary to gain progress in all matters-be it of household or industrial, individual or national.

Earthen is trying to bring the intellectuals out of individuals to create the sustainable future of progress.



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