Greening the city: Green Savers

Photo Courtesy: Green Savers
Photo Courtesy: Green Savers

Balancing itself on the edges of climate devastation and survival, the development concepts like urban-ism hardly has time to spare over a useless debate of green verses development. At this crucial point, the economy and more popularly-related, dwelling issues, has to compulsorily associate greenery with development to fight the long term survival issues. The acts of dwelling in an urban structure and reducing carbon footprint may not be usual in simultaneous association-though the merger in both is certain in making our dwelling spaces more a contribution to climate improvement than the reason for its deterioration.

Making a combination of nature, science and creativity, Green Savers is an organization that is aiming to make Dhaka an ideal city to live ad fight climate change by enhancing the functions of plants within this urban ecosystem. Founded by Ahsan Rony, the organization has comprised some of the talented and versatile students and advisors of  University of Dhaka and Sher-e-Bangla Agricultural University along with different public and private universities in Dhaka city. Ahsan Rony is a graduate from Dhaka University, an anthropologist and ecological expert. The honorable advisory panel includes Associate Professor of Department of Agriculture at Shere-E-Bangla Agricultural University, Dr. A. Fiaz Md. Jamal Uddin, Director of Department of Social Services Mohammad Zulfiker Haider, Ministry of Social Welfare and Nasreen Akter, Joint Secretary, Govt. of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh and Project Director at Ministry of Women and Children Affairs.

Ahsan Rony Founder, Green Savers Photo Courtesy: Green Savers
Ahsan Rony
Founder, Green Savers
Photo Courtesy: Green Savers

The organization aims to make it easy for citizens to make their green contribution within their urban obligations and has created their resources and workforce in a way so that they may serve all the purposes of greening urban life through concepts as urban plantation or urban cultivation and gardening. From roof to lobby, stairs, grill, racks or front and rare of urban houses, Green Savers specializes in bringing a green contribution among the nook and crannies of apartments using modern scientific methodology.

They ensure experience and expertise in every aspect of green solutions-from information inquiries to supplying and fitting the equipment themselves anywhere in Dhaka city. The deep scientific methodology includes soil selection based on the study of area, climate, humidity, atmosphere and plants type, ensuring quality in accordance. They study pH levels of soil and prepare the soil and land accordingly developing proper fertilization, preventing harmful elements. The plant in this process are selected prioritizing factors such as sunlight, shade, location, view, angle, ecosystem, soil level, size and height of the building infrastructure etc. – as well as styling it to the convenient budget and artistic tastes of people and space.

Green Savers also organize some regular events, such as-Mobile Plant Clinic and Plants’ Doctor, Campaign Against Polythene, Oxygen Bank and School Gardening, Green Summit, Human Chain, Workshop, Seminar, Training etc. It has recently been a part of events like Youth Conference of green Ambassadors 2015 and Grameen telecom Trust’s Empowering the Generation Next. Last month Green Savers successfully conducted a creative event with students of Viqarunnisa Noon School under its Oxygen Bank program.

Urban greening is more an urgency than a choice when considered the climate change issues. The members of Green Savers have turned their education and knowledge into a simple yet significant contribution in addressing this urgency.


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