DoggleBoggle: A Fascinatingly Creative Green Start-Up

Photo Courtesy: DoggleBoggle Team
Photo Courtesy: DoggleBoggle Team

Making greenery work out along our hobbies, makes sustainability as easy as breathing and as inevitable as life itself. Waste is a regular part of our life. But the difficulty of its management has become equally challenging. In search of an equation, bringing the above factors in collaboration 4Matters found the initiative DoggleBoggle, a practical application of waste management by fostering sustainable green hobbies!

DoggleBoggle was a term spurted in fun by its founder and coordinator Sanam Reza. Sanam loved to make things out of scraps and hated to waste. Even though it was an unlikely hobby and over consciousness over environment, in the perspective of many, she found pleasure in making things for her niece and out of people’s waste for a lump sum fee.

As Sanam explains, “I used to show it around to my friends and relatives, when one day my cousin Asif Kashem told me that I should have an art studio. I am a very people’s person specially, I love to spend time with children. Initially, I wanted to make things out of scrap for people from their own house for a minimal fee but when I was writing that information while opening a Facebook page for this, I realized I could simply teach others.”

Doggle Boggle is practically a teaching ground for both kids and adults to learn how they may contribute to the environment simply by turning beautiful things out of waste in their own houses.

“DoggleBoggle is not only for children but adults seem quite reluctant to learn new things, or spend time, energy, and money on new skills. I feel somehow they feel it is too late for them, so they want their children to learn that from a young age.”, says Sanam.

Photo Courtesy: DoggleBoggle Team
Photo Courtesy: DoggleBoggle Team

Kids as young as 3 years old can join the classes. Adults are also encouraged to take lessons. They may make a group among themselves and suggest a time convenient to them for the crafting classes. Parents or guardians can join the classes or can even help out by giving out their waste materials to Doggle Boggle. Doggle Boggle will buy the materials at a minimum price of Tk500 per kilogram.

Sanam runs her craft making programs in monthly batches at her own home in Gulshan. The children are told in each lesson what to bring from their home for the next lesson. Other than wasted materials or inoperative and idle things we find around the house, like toilet paper rolls, bottles, bulb boxes etc., the students use different stationary to improvise upon those raw materials.

“Cardboard is one of the main materials we mostly have used until now. But it totally depends on what we are making each week. Glue, colours, glitter, paper cutter, scissors, etc are the things we need every class. For instance, we used a tissue box and the cardboard inside of a toilet roll to make a plane. Recently, I have introduced a DoggleBoggle kit for the day to day stationary needs available at Boi Bichitra at Rupayan Centre at Gulshan 1. They give a discount if you buy the whole kit.”

Lessons done so far have mostly included children. As such the products made are usually toys or decorative materials from the scraps. The children have made trains out of medicine or bulb boxes and bottle caps, fridge magnets and bookmarks from toy boxes or castles from a coffee box, toilet rolls, laptop box and scrubs. The sweetest one recently was a makeup holder made out of a wasted bottle and fake eye lashes as gift for mothers on Mother’s Day!

Sanam plans on opening a batch of children who are a bit older and make items such a vase or a file holder or bag, pen holders, etc that can be reused.


Photo Couresy: DoggleBoggle Team
Photo Couresy: DoggleBoggle Team

Regarding her future plans with DoggleBoggle Sanam says,

“I have been talking to an NGO to arrange lessons for poor children living on streets. I want to teach them to collect scraps and learn to make toys or other items for reuse and sell them instead of begging or killing time. This will help them learn a skill and earn because, let’s be honest, our population is too high to educate all those poor kids who are literally left with no skill and alone on streets. This will eventually give them a purpose and they can earn a living. Gradually, I plan on making DoggleBoggle a proper school of crafts for both children and adults so that they can open up, be creative but, in a green way.”

DoggleBoggle is also about to arrange a competition in the upcoming time!

As much as DoggleBoggle is a platform for skill and creativity development, it is also acting to thoroughly instill a conscience to work for the environment. As its Facebook page marks, “DoggleBoggle’s goal is to open your creative side and create awareness reusing and encourage you to go green!”

With the world being on the doorstep of climate devastation, such initiatives are what is going to change mind-sets to ignore the climate crisis and rather inspire people to give the attention it gravely needs.

To know more about DoggleBoggle check out

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Online Interview with Founder of DoggleBoggle, Sanam Reza

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