From Paris To Manila: Climate Reality To Act on Climate Crisis

PicsArt_1459080503411It is well aware to everyone that the Paris agreement at COP21 was a critical step in solving the climate crisis, thus The Climate Reality Project looked forward to build on that momentum with the 31st  Climate Reality Leadership training at Manila, Philippines. The training is the largest climate change awareness event after COP21. About seven hundred of world renowned scientist, climate activist, environmental professionals, local governments from 60 countries were trained in this leadership program. Former US Vice President and Nobel Laureate Al Gore himself facilitated this three day long training session. Being very fortunate, I received the chance to be part of this great training as a mentor and was thrilled to be selected as the first mentor from Bangladesh and the youngest mentor of Climate Reality. Out of the 8,500 trained climate leaders, only 10 mentors were chosen from the whole world and 20 were selected from host country Philippines. Indeed it was a great achievement and opportunity to take part at this inspiring Climate Change awareness campaign.

Photo Courtesy: Syeda Nishat Naila
Photo Courtesy: Syeda Nishat Naila

At the first day of the training, Marion Molina, program director of Climate Reality inaugurated the training session and invited VP Al Gore to take the floor. Mr. Gore started with his welcome speech and illustrated his presentation on ‘The Road to Decarbonization”.  The Sessions were addressed with the vulnerability and resiliency of the region to climate impacts, the revolutionary potential of renewables, the importance of effective climate finance, the moral imperative of all countries to adopt climate-smart policies, and the value of local and indigenous knowledge.

During the question answer session on the second day, I got the opportunity to directly ask Mr. Al Gore about what are the basic policies for Clean Energy for local people and how we can make clean energy more efficient and less expensive?  And the answer from him was youth entrepreneurship as well as microcredit theory of Dr. Md Yunus. VP Al Gore also projected a video documentation on Bangladesh and praised the issue that Bangladesh is one of the highest solar panel installer in the South Asia. It is always a matter of honor when my motherland is honored at such an international platform.

Photo Courtesy: Syeda Nishat Naila
Photo Courtesy: Syeda Nishat Naila

The other sessions were facilitated by Professor Don Henry, Nobel Laureate Dr. Henry Pollack, Father Jose Ramon,  Ken Berlin (President of CRP), Loren Legarda (Senator of Republic of Philippines)

The main objective of Climate Reality Leadership Corps is to create a global network of activists committed to taking on the climate crisis and working to solve the greatest challenge of our time. Climate Reality has a great scope for people those who care deeply about combating climate change. In the three days training, Climate Reality gives you the tools to change the world.

The trained 9,200 Climate Leaders will offer specific guidance to trainees on the science of climate change, the cost of climate impacts, and the Paris Agreement that established the framework to transition to a global clean energy economy. After the training, trainees will emerge as energized and skilled communicators with the knowledge, tools and drive to take action, educating diverse global communities on the costs of carbon pollution and what can be done to solve the climate crisis.

At the 31st training session, the participants from Bangladesh were Shooha Tabil from Department of Chemical Engineering, BUET, Advisor of Blast Habiba Islam, Legal Advisor of Graystone Md. Shakhawat Chowdhury, Program Manager of POPI Sharif Alam. Along with them the manager of Bangladesh Climate Reality Mr Dipu Huq represented as mentor during this training. And I, Syeda Nishat Naila from Soil, Water & Environment, University of Dhaka represented Bangladesh as Mentor during the training session.

The last day of the training, Al Gore shared a personal life story of his, which emotionally inspired the kind hearts and his closing words were, “Hold On”. Which was elaborated in meaning, that keep fighting for mankind, keep fighting to save mother nature, our green planet earth and never loose hope.

The 32nd training will take part at June at Asia Continent.

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Article Courtesy:

Syeda Nishat Naila

Soil, Water & Environment, University of Dhaka
Climate Mentor, Climate Reality Project

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