Bangladesh Delta Plan 2100 Vision Competition

Photo Courtesy: Bangladesh Delta Plan 2100 Formulation Project
Photo Courtesy: Bangladesh Delta Plan 2100 Formulation Project

The vision 2100 competition for the Bangladesh Delta Plan 2100 project aims to find out young people’s vision regarding the next 100 years. To understand this vision, participants will need to have creative ideas to picture “What Bangladesh will be like in 2100”. As much of the future impact of climate changes are yet unpredictably and the adaptation solutions required are uncertain, the young people need to be innovative in suggesting solutions to issues which are complex and often, inter-related.

Who can participate?

The targeted participants for the competition are the youth of the country from urban and rural areas, mostly university students and young professionals. As well as international persons who are interested in taking part in the competition. The age limit is 30 years.

Who will be the Judges?

Experienced and well known expertise from an institution and organization in the climate change and environment sector people will be the judges.

Outputs of the competition

The competition aims to understand how the youth of Bangladesh visulaize their country in the next 100 years. The finest pieces of work will be recognized by certification provided by the Delta team and remuneration. Also there will be different opportunities to know more about the BDP-2100 in the future by providing short time volunteer work engagement with the team to understand the plan better.

The submitted pieces should cover 3 main themes:

1- What is the global context in the year 2100?

2- What is the Bangladesh situation in the year 2100?

3- What are the possible pathways for a sustainable future?


The partners for the Bangladesh Delta Plan-2100 Vision Competition are International Centre for Climate Change and Development (ICCCAD), Centre for Sustainable Development (CSD) a research department of University of Liberal Arts of Bangladesh (ULAB), Independent University of Bangladesh (IUB), Bangladesh Delta Plan 2100 Formulation Project and Radio Shadhin 92.4FM.


Deadline for submission is 30th, June 2016. To submit your essay please email to the cyi.icccad at gmail dot com

Courtesy of ICCCAD Youth Team.

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