Tesla: The Dawn of Smart and Sustainable Future

Photo Courtesy: Tesla
Tesla Model S . Photo Courtesy: Tesla








“An entrepreneur jumps from the cliff and builds a parachute on the way down”, said by Reid Hoffman, Co-founder of LinkedIn. The words mirror the character of Elon Musk who is also known as the ‘real world Iron Man’. He dreams of creating a new world which would be more environment friendly and advanced with the use of better technology. His initiative of Tesla proves his relentless efforts towards the importance of saving the environment and doing business without harming Mother Nature. Tesla Motors Incorporation, an American all electric car and renewable energy storage systems designer and manufacturer company, started its journey 13 years back with a goal of selling electric vehicles to mass market. Another green enthusiastic product which was launched recently on April 30, 2015 is the Tesla Power Wall


Tesla Power Wall Photo Courtesy: Tesla Website
Tesla Power Wall. Photo Courtesy: Tesla

It provides electricity through storing solar energy from solar panels and is inexpensive as well. Costing $3000 for a 7 kWh Power Wall model. Tesla appeared in the spot light with introducing the first fully electric sports car, Tesla Roadster. Then, the Model S which is a semi-automatic car followed by Model X, which is a crossover utility vehicle. Finally on March 31, 2016, Tesla unveiled the latest Model 3. The retail delivery of the latest Model 3 is expected to begin in 2017 pricing it at $35,000.3 Tesla a few days back has inaugurated its Gigafactory in Nevada desert.

Tesla GigaFactory1. Photo Courtesy: Tesla
Tesla GigaFactory. Photo Courtesy: Tesla

Lithium-ion batteries are produced in this factory. This Gigafactory should be reducing the production cost for the electric car and battery products by 30% as expected by the company. 50 GWh per year is the predicted capacity for 2018. When the factory is built, it will have a capacity of 150 GWh per year, enabling the production of 1.5 million cars a year. For these cars to be re-charged in long distance journeys, Tesla has built Supercharger stations all over the world counting it to 681 stations including 4,157 superchargers as of 22 July, 2016. In October 2014 there were 119 standard Tesla supercharger stations operating in the United States, 76 in Europe, and 26 in Asia.


Tesla SuperCharger Photo Courtesy: Tesla
Tesla SuperCharger Photo Courtesy: Tesla

These superchargers gives up to 120 kW of power with the fact of location dependency. The 90 kWh Model S range is about 170 miles  with 30 minutes of charge. It needs an estimate of 75 minutes to fully charge the vehicle.The software installed in Tesla car uses driver’s demand information from supercharger stations to plan the fastest route to the destination and to determine the necessity of charging further.  Tesla has been working on renewable energy and how people can lead a normal life without harming the environment. Over this issue the demand for Tesla cars and battery products are increasing day by day and with every step that Tesla is taking it is making a better and smart future.


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