Climate Change and its Impacts on Bangladesh

Climate change is one of the ecological, social, and financial dangers that the world confronts today. With 160 million individuals, Bangladesh is one of the biggest deltas on the planet which is exceptionally powerless against  natural disasters. Besides, the unfavorable impacts of climate change – particularly high temperatures, sea-level rise, cyclones and storm surges, salinity intrusion, heavy monsoon downpours and so forth, it has disrupted the general economic improvement situation of the nation.

Climate Change Impact on Bangladesh:

Bangladesh with its geographical area,  always encounters some sort of natural disaster consistently due to Global Warming and Climate Change.

Bangladesh is known to have six seasons however because of Climate Change, it has become difficult to identify all of them. With the hot summer and monsoon season dominating most of the year, the winter season  has also decreased in terms of intensity and number of months. Almost 80% of the total area of the country is prone to flooding. As indicated by Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), the ocean level of the Bay of Bengal will rise around one meter by this century. Therefore a tremendous measure of coastal area of Bangladesh will be submerged. Common disasters, for example, flood, cyclone, drought, river bank erosion and so forth will increase and strengthened because of the change in climate patterns. Global temperatures are expected to increase up to 2 degree Celsius by the year of 2050 and Bangladesh will face a lot of challenges. This will decrease rice production up to 10% and wheat up to 30% because of the lack of clean water.

Photo Courtesy: Grid Arendal
Photo Courtesy: Grid Arendal

The impacts of climate change at first glance will be extremely serious and disturbing for the groundwater assets.  There will be an enormous emergency for fresh water. Irrigation, fishery, industrial production, navigation will also be affected to a great extent. Different health problems and diseases will increase because of climate change. The frequent flooding and cyclone-related disasters,  are leading to a lot more water borne infections, for example, cholera, diarrhea and so on.  Just one meter ocean level rise in Bangladesh will prompt 15% loss of its aggregate area range and will displace around 30 million individuals living in the waterfront territories.

Climate change is not a national issue rather a worldwide issue and will impact the general population and the planet. It is us, who wrecked the earth purposefully. As such, Bangladesh being one of the countries hit hard with climate change, let us not wait for the world and raise our voice to make an impact.

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Rigan Ali Khan is a Researcher and Coordinator for the Youth Programme at International Centre for Climate Change and Development (ICCCAD).

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