Earth Club of North South University: A Tree for Free 3 powered by RSRM

Photo Courtesy: Earth Club of North South University
Photo Courtesy: Earth Club of North South University

It’ s that time of the year, again! Earth club of North South University is hosting “A Tree for Free ”for the third time on November 8th & 9th 2016. This year, it is being sponsored by RSRM. This is a much anticipated event, which first started in 2014. The event aims to raise awareness and inspire people to plant more trees. The target is to give away  1000 plants to the students, staffs and faculties of NSU. The event takes place in the plaza area of the campus, which is the centre for most of the student activities. During the two day event club members can be toiling away at a colourful booth, giving out plants to people. The event creates an exciting ambience, helping the environment, in focus students wait in long lines, just to get a plant and when the plants are given out, their joyful expressions are a sight to be seen. The brief moment of happiness experienced by memory receiving a plant shows that people do actually have an inherent connection with nature and care about the environment. The earth club aims take the connection and inspire people to plant more trees and make the worth a greener place. The event has been carried out successfully, in the past years, thanks to the effort of the club members and sponsors. In this fast paced profit seeming world, it is rare to see people investing in such selfless causes. Which is why the sponsors for a tree for free give us hope for that there is still a chance for a better future.


Article Courtesy:

Afrida Iqbal, Secretary Publications, Earth Club of North South University.

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