The Golden Source for Sustainability : Jüt&deri brings eco-friendly fashion accessories

Sustainable Fashion is a philosophy brought on with the urgency of the climate-affected world. Designers now thrive not only to leave a mark in the lasting trends but also to being simultaneously inconspicuous regarding carbon footprints. When such a noble philosophy endeavors to blend itself with the purity of a heritage the result is nothing less than extraordinary.

Photo Courtesy: Jüt&deri
Photo Courtesy: Jut&deri

Bangladeshi young entrepreneur Dola Khandaker has stirred up this charismatic mixture of Eco fashion and heritage through the weavings of the ‘golden fiber’, Jute. Her start-up Jüt&deri is the Turkish for Jute and leather- products emphasized in her fashion accessories and goods. The usage of jute in her products reflects her long-time inclination to environmental conscience. It also portrays three of her major motivations- re-establishing the importance of this heritage product of the country, popularizing the usage of it in creating tasteful, smart and fashionable products and exploring its eco-friendly benefits.

Jute is one of the most environment-friendly fibers cultivated today. It is a bio-degradable, and recyclable fiber (jute can be recycled multiple times). It can be used in biogas and geo-textile sectors as well. Jute increases the fertility of land and as a rain-fed crop depends minimally on fertilizers or pesticides. Its rapid absorption of CO2 and emission of O2 contributes highly in preserving the ozone layer.

Photo Courtesy: Jüt&deri
Photo Courtesy: Jut&deri

Jüt&deri started its journey through a Facebook page only this September of 2016, but has been a result of long time research, hard work and preparation.

“I spent months to learn about jute.” says the Managing Director of Jüt&deri, Dola Khandaker.

“Once I realized how easy it was to produce these products, I wanted to spread the use of it. I wanted to make it fun and attractive to everyone and having incorporated faux leather details, I gave my products a new dimension.”


The leather used in the brand’s product is imported from abroad. Raw jute from different areas of Bangladesh, mostly from Rangamati, Narshingdi and Narayanganj are processed and weaved in their factory at Faridpur. The finished products are manufactured in yet another factory within the capital Dhaka. The prices of the products are easily within the range of all customers.


In case off designs, Dola informs, Jüt&deri uses different types and weaves of natural jute fabrics, sometimes mixed with cotton, to give it the desired texture and is 100% organic. Along with that, faux leather of different colors and textures are used to make different designs and details of the product.”

Along with its quality to insulate sound and heat, Jute is also known to provide UV protection and is very strong and durable. Something that makes it usable for a long time without damage. Thus the products of Jüt&deri are expected to be star-marked in quality assurance.

Photo Courtesy: Jute & deri
Photo Courtesy: Jut&deri

What can be expected from Jüt&deri in the future?

“I want Jüt&deri to represent the tradition of Jute and Leather use in fashion wear.” says the enthusiastic entrepreneur, “Jüt&deri gives me and us the perfect opportunity to promote Bangladesh’s pride and one of our most valued possessions here in our own country, as well as in foreign countries abroad to expand consumer knowledge of Bangladesh’s jute products and potential production capacity. I understand that we started off very small, but we intend to bring a whole new line of more fun and amazing products your way soon.”

With 25% of the world’s pesticides used to grow non-organic cotton, still two thirds of a garment’s carbon footprint occurs only after it is purchased. With such statistics in effect, Fashion industry stands to be the second largest cause of pollution worldwide. The expansion of jute and jute products in such a situation may help to solve some of the most critical problems of environmental degradation. Jüt&deri in this case may be a ray of hopeful solution.

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  1. A very well writ article directing the issues that today’s world face for an upgraded lifetyle against the hazards of environmental pollution that ensues due to it. I got very glad to know that young entrepreneurs like Dola Khandaker are taking matters into their own hands and fighting heads on with such great ideas of regenerative creations. Am looking forward to this organisations successful longevity in the market. All the best everyone!

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