The Cleaner the Coast, the higher the hopes: International Ocean Coastal Cleanup

In 1972 with the goal of promoting healthy and diverse ecosystems and opposing practices threatening ocean and human life Ocean Conservancy was founded. In 1986 one of its member staff Linda Maraniss being upset with the debris in Texas beaches launched Texas Coastal Cleanup. This event became mainstream by 1989 becoming International Coastal Cleanup. It is said to be the world’s largest all volunteer event for the ocean by American Recycle Newspaper.  This year in 2016 791,336 volunteers have cleaned 18,062,911 pounds of trash from 25,188.6 miles across the world. Ocean conservancy’s sophisticated annual report has provided information to national legislation and also inspired volunteers to join the event.

Total volunteers cleaning trash around the globe.


Photo Courtesy: Ocean Conservancy

As Allison Schutes, senior manager for the Trash Free Seas program said that each year the engaging volunteers who are relentlessly cleaning up the beaches are also apprehending the types of waste that is being disposed in the ocean bed.

This year the organization has launched a mobile app for making the volunteering task a bit more fun. Clean Swell mobile app helps keeping the track of the trash collected by a volunteer. With each trash collected the volunteer taps in mobile on segmented trash and it uploads to the Ocean Conservancy’s global ocean trash database. Volunteers can share their efforts in the social media and inspire others in taking part in the cleanup. Through this app the volunteers are being exposed to a global community and adding the trash data is the subject of importance to the scientists, conservation groups and industry leaders who will be putting their effort so that the trash doesn’t outreach to the ocean.

Clean Swell Mobile Application


Photo Courtesy: Ocean Conservancy



This year on August 28th Kewkradong Bangladesh has organized the ocean cleanup in Cox’s Bazar sea beach. They are going to arrange another program in Saint Martine’s Island November 18th 2016. Visit the Facebook page for further information.

Kewkradong Bangladesh in Cox’s Bazar Sea Beach

Coastal Cleanup in Cox Bazar
Coastal Cleanup in Cox Bazar

Photo Courtesy: Facebook Page


Through this event volunteers are also participating in prospering the nation’s economy. The coastal area is an office place for a large number of people. Taking the boat and going fishing every day is their livelihood. Trash around coastal areas is threat to the marine life as well as it becomes a threat for fishermen of our country who lives on it. Moreover, the sea beaches in our country is an asset to us and keeping it clean is our responsibility. The people living in the coastal areas depend on the tourism business. Millions of visitors come to the shore to enjoy their recreation time and they prefer a healthy environment and in order to do so promoting to keep coastal area clean and making their visit a pleasant experience is a necessity for our environment and economy in the big picture.

In this 21st century ocean is major influence in a country’s economy and smartly planning for the marine resources which is mandatorily science based is to balance the utilization of the ocean. The availability of data and comprehensiveness will ensure the efficiency and maximizing resources.

The chemistry of sea water is changing due to human ignorance towards it. The carbon dioxide that is emitted is affecting the sea water as it absorbs substantial amount of the deadly gas. Land based sources are also another reason for the carbon consumption. Runoff storm water and other pollution worsens the situation. Increase in acidity in the sea water is a threat for the coral lives and other sea animals as well.

A noble movement by one person today has led to creating an era of awareness for sustainable ocean and the creatures living in it influencing the economy in broader sense. Embracing this activity would be a pioneering factor for Sustainable Development Goal. There are people who might not understand the value of this issue, for them it is the duty of those who feel the importance of a clean ocean bed to explain the essentials of the issue and create awareness among them. Keeping the coast and ocean bed clean today from which we eat, drink and breathe will be matter of hope for tomorrow’s healthy environment and economy.



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