NSU Earth Club launches Plants for Future Campaign

Photo Courtesy: Earth Club of North South University

Earth Club of North South University (NSUEC) has successfully organized Yamaha Presents “Plants for Future” for the first time from 11th to 12th of December 2016. To make Bangladesh greener, Earth Club will plant 500 plants in different places of Dhaka city. The club has already planted 85 saplings on the 11th & 12th of December and another 415 saplings of fruit, timber, flower, medicinal species etc. will be planted within the next month. Earth Club will take care of those saplings for the next 6 months.

Photo Courtesy: Earth Club of North South University

The main purpose of this event is to bring a sustainable solution to air pollution and make Bangladesh a little greener than before. With the support of all the environment enthusiasts and the future protectors of this country, Earth Club wishes to continue organizing “Plants for Future.” The event was sponsored by ACI Motors Limited and media partners were Kaler Kantho Shuvoshongo , The Daily Star-Shout and Radio Foorti.

Alongside this event, NSUEC also organizes other events such as ‘A Tree For Free’, ‘Champions of Earth International (a green idea generation competition)’, ‘Environmental School Campaign’ and ‘Encounters’ to create a massive response in order to protect the environment.


Article Courtesy:

Hasan Mahmud Maruf , Earth Club of North South University

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