Alternative of fossil fuel

Fossil fuel has been known as the cheapest and easiest way of acquiring electricity. Although this is widely renowned in Asia as the cheapest way, the people undergoing the impacts of fossil fuels have said otherwise.

In 1996 solar energy has come in as an alternative to fossil fuels along with wind and hydro power. These are renewable energies unlike fossil fuel which is a non-renewable energy. Renewable energy is on the rise in Bangladesh, it will help not only to avoid carbon emissions but also provide electricity, clean energy and employment for all which is also a major concern in Bangladesh.

The limitations that Bangladeshis have in the context of renewable energy is just on how we can use this unlimited resource using appropriate technologies instead of being dependent on just the fossil fuels.

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Nevertheless, if our Government feels the need to continue their journey with fossil fuels they should take preventative measures to make sure the environment around them is less polluted. Several technologies have been used in countries such as India to make sure their pollution does not spread far and we can follow the same path and share their ideas. Some ways are to make sure we use proper water treatment plants, scrubbers to make sure the air pollution does not reach the water almost immediately and waste water treatment plans. The biggest idea till now is to relocated the ongoing plan for a power plant in Rampal to a safer zone where it won’t be able to pollute our ecosystem as much as the initial plan.

The idea of the use of fossil fuels has been discussed for decades now and we as activists can only warn the government and ask them to take prevention which is better than cure. Clean energy is by far the best way to provide electricity instead of fossil fuels.

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 Ishrar Tabassum, Researcher & Student at North South University

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