The overlooked cultivation of Fossil Fuels: Rampal Power plant

As days go by, we have forgotten the devastating decision taken by the Bangladesh-India government to construct a 1320 megawatts thermal power plant in Rampal, which is located next to the largest mangrove forest in the world – The Sundarbans. This power plant will have a shocking impact on the environment. All though, Bangladesh is a middle income country, we have a huge shortage of electricity which pushed the government to take this immense decision.

Nevertheless, it is said that the Rampal power plant will produce 50 million tonnes of coal annually and would be amongst the largest source of air pollution in Bangladesh.

The decision to make the Rampal power plant was made in 2010 and by now the Government has taken further steps to launch the power plant as early as possible even though protesters proved how harmful it could be to the residents of Rampal and the rich agriculture of the Sundarbans.


Photo Courtesy: Bangladesh Power Development Board

In 2018, Bangladesh has signed a contract with the Chinese government to start up three more power plants with the total capacity of 3960 megawatts. “All the projects are now at a preliminary stage. Some procedures have to be completed before the construction work commences,” State Minister for Power, Energy and Mineral Resources Nasrul Hamid specified.

The only way we can give mother nature back what we took from it is by being an activist. Even though it is hard to keep up with the current situation we should take measures to make sure we conserve the enriched biodiversity in our country, be updated, and try to warn the government of the adverse effects that fossil fuel holds of destroying our environment.

Article Courtesy:

 Ishrar Tabassum, Researcher & Student at North South University


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