4Matters, previously known as BDPollution started as Pollution and its effects to the environment back in 2005 as a hobby and something passionate but its main principle was to make a difference. It was to create a positive impact on society, to inspire and motivate people in protecting our only home Earth.

The blog turned news site is about anything pertaining to the environment. It highlights the effects of climate change and about advances in the field of green technology. Reviews on environmental products and so forth. It also covers all aspects of the environment sector in Bangladesh.


Muhammad Faheem Faruq                                                                   Farhana Meghami Zulhash

Proprietor & Editor-in-Chief                                                                      Contributing Writer

Razia Sultana                                                                                           Samira Musleh

Contributing Writer                                                                                   Contributing Writer

Adnan Rahman

Contributing Writer


If you are a brand, looking to expand your horizon of green products or services, you are looking at the right place. For advertisements, sponsored posts, sponsored reviews please get in touch.

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