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Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

– 4Matters has sponsored 10 Liter of Light bottles with support of The Tech Alliance of Bangladesh in providing lighting to Dhaka’s slum area of Korail on June 2015.

– 4Matters has sponsored “Green in Bottle Campaign” , organized by Earth Club of North South University. It is a six month long plastic recycling campaign where 50 bins,placed all over the campus will be used to collect plastic bottles all around the campus of North South University (NSU) and at the end of each month will be sent to their recycling partner Change.

Individual Social Responsibility (ISR)

What is ISR?

Individual Social Responsibility  or ISR in short, is a concept based similarly to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) without the entire Corporate get-up, it is more focused on how  an individual/person can make a difference.

Why ISR?

At 4Matters, we believe that Actions Speak Louder Than Words. As individuals we are responsible of what happens to our surroundings and must learn to respect and co-exist with the environment as one of the many famous quotes

” We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors; we borrow it from our children”


Muhammad Faheem Faruq, electrical engineer, social activist, environment blogger and former Country Coordinator for 10:10 Bangladesh, a global climate change campaign, considers ISR to be integral part of change. So what does he do?

  • He travels with his two legs, Within a neighborhood of Niketan, Gulshan & Banani, Faheem walks most of it instead of using the car. When doing the daily groceries, he walks from home to the grocery and gets the daily bazaar. If the distance is a bit farther, he uses the next best thing which is the rickshaw.
  • He began “A Single Man Walking Challenge” in 2011. The Challenge was to show that walking can be an option to travel other than using cars, buses, CNG, rickshaws or bicycle. The Challenge started from Gulshan-1 Circle all the way to Dhanmondi- 27 ( near Nandos/Drik Gallery) and back to Gulshan-1 circle, a distance of approximately 15kms. The Challenge showed that 1- Saves Time, 2- Saves Money, 3- Good exercise. He plans on expanding this and walking longer distance and intends to cover major parts of Dhaka city.
  • By profession, he is an electrical engineer and has worked on projects dealing with Energy Auditing, which in non-technical terms means trying to make Electrical and Mechanical systems more efficient. He has had training in Energy Management Systems. Currently he is working on the design team for a large industrial project focusing on the RMG sector where they are targeting LEED (Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design) Platinum & GOLD Certification for couple of industrial buildings.

Have a similar lifestyle? Share your ISR story with us!


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